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We may not reply right away, some of us live in different time zones, thank you for being patient.

If you can help someone out please feel free to post a comment to do so.

142 thoughts on “Support

  1. Hello,

    thank you so much for your great tool. However I do have a few requests:

    - Since the site of a competitor can be shared (via fb/twitter or direct link), it would be great to include the possibility for a voting right on this site

    - An option to hide the stats on the competitor page would be great, first as the Battle Stats or Hot or Not Stats are not both applicable and second to not discourage new competitors by bad results (I care just for the Top 10 on a results page later on)

    - I mainly bought the ShowDown version as it prevents fraud. It would be great if an IP gets blocked for an entire day or longer and not just until someone else voted

    It would be great if you include that in a coming up version.


  2. Hi, thanks for a great plugin. I’ve a while ago bought your plugin user submit and i have a problem for my members with it. If they have forgott to add a name / title for the picture the ajax error shows to notify the member to correct this. But the image they eairler have selected disappears. So my members often miss this… so it ends up with creating a competitor without no image.

    1. We’ll look into adding a fix to not accept Competitors without an image attached. In the meantime you can perhaps add some type of notice at the top or bottom of the User Submit area to avoid this happening in the future.

  3. Is there anyway I can have have voting take place on the single competitor page as well??

    Also is there anyway to paginate the random posts in some way? so the randoms done show up twice? using cookies maybe? I will have a lot but showing twice is still a bummer.

    1. Hi, voting cannot happen on the competitor page. It’s a good suggestion though, but as of now such an option is not available.

      Random is as close as we can get to being…well, random. We’ve put in features to counter two showings, like the skip button and in Hot or Not it says that they’ve already voted on this Competitor.

      Sorry for the late reply, christmas, end of the year etc…

  4. Hi, I’m sorry I’ve purchased the kickboxer version and tried to install it via the WP plug-ins installer, but it doesn’t work, says : L’extension n’a pu être activée, car elle a déclenché une erreur fatale.
    Warning: require_once(/home/swagmagfjv/www/wp-content/plugins/hot-or-not/php/showdown_simplenonce.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/swagmagfjv/www/wp-content/plugins/wpshowdown/wpshowdown.php on line 81

    Can you help me ? Thanks !

    1. Decativate the free Hot or Not plugin you downloaded from then upload ShowDown. It should work then.

  5. Its possible work with this plugin without WP? you can can be specififc on this site about this. On homepage the only reference about wordepress plugin is on the last image slider.

    1. The first slide actually states it as a WordPress plugin. Anyway, I’ve updated some of the important pages, and the first slide, to state it as a WordPress plugin. So yes, it only works with WordPress.

  6. Hi I want to suggest addition of paid user submissions to the user submit add on such that users can be charged per image or file submitted. Also please consider adding support for some kind of audio and maybe youtube videos

  7. I don’t get a lightning icon displaying on Visual edit mode. Could you please give a list of shortcodes / reference? In particular, I would like to know how to display a “hot or not” for a particular group of images.

      1. I’m using 1.2 and it’s just for a one-off lesson with students. But I used it a couple of years ago for the same purpose so don’t want to delete all the images used then - I’d rather just show a different group and keep both comps going. Could you let me know the short code to display a particular group?

        1. You can use the shortcode like this: [ wphotornot group=”Random” ] - Make sure to remove the spaces between the brackets [ ]

          1. Thanks! It would be helpful to have a list of shortcodes to reference somewhere too… sometimes TinyMCE etc overrides shortcode icon links 🙂

  8. Hello, I am testing the Hot or Not WP plugin (and I am considering buying Showdown). I would like to change the location of the small “Average” image that appears above the Competitor image once a user submits their score. Can I edit the CSS to achieve this, or would changes to the PHP scripts be required?

    Thank you!

  9. Sorry, nevermind, I figured it out. The theme’s function was using a hard cropping in the new image size, I removed that and the problem is solved now. One other things I’d like to ask is, maybe as an add-on, would you consider building in an easier way to bulk upload/create competitors? Like, upload 20 images and it automatically creates 20 competitors with featured image set and Title being the filename?


    1. Hi Joe, sorry I couldn’t get to your previous comment in time. Glad you were able to figure it out.

      We’ll certainly look into a bulk upload add-on. It’s been requested before I guess it’s about time we built one 🙂

      1. Yeah, that would definitely make the whole thing even more useful! Dope plugin, I’ve been looking for something like that for ages!

    1. 1. We’ll update those in our next update. Thanks for pointing them out to us.
      2. You must’ve inserted the images into the Competitors post area and set the shortcode with the description to Yes. You can either remove the images from the post area or change the shortcode to not show the description.
      3. Visit your permalinks and click on the save changes button, as described in our documentation.

      1. Thank you. New questions:

        1. The same goes for the user submit addon: No translation options.

        2. Can you tell me in what file i can find it, so that I can translate it manually?

        3. The competitors pages uses the layout for posts, is it possible to change it to pages?

        4. Do you do layout customization for payment?

        1. Hi,

          1 + 2: Open up showdown_engine.php, or wpshowdownusersubmit.php for the add-on, and look for these lines - “Number of wins:”, “Number of losses:”, “Number of draws:” and the other lines that are not translated to replace them with your language.
          3. No it’s not. You can create a custom post type template for that.
          4. Yes, you can send your query via our contact page and we’ll give you a quote.

  10. After purchasing User Submit by following links from the plugin page for showdown v1.1 i find that there is no difference after installation. I fear that this is not actually compatible with the showdown lite/hot or not script as the website states and if so that i have just wasted money. I find no actual documentation regarding the user submit plugin anywhere on the site and nothing included in the installation files. where do I go from here as I am not willing to spend more money on the showdown scripts when your site states it works on the free version and i do not require any of the functionality of the paid scripts.

  11. Never mind after much banging of the head against the table I ended up editing wpshowdownusersubmit.php to find the shortcode, Tested and got working. Then further into my editing found the fault in question under define menus:
    add_submenu_page ( ‘hotornot.php’, ‘User Submit’, ‘User Submit’, ‘manage_options’, ‘usersubmit’, array( &$showdownUserSubmit, ‘printTitlePage’));

    The php file for this version of hot or not is “hot-or-not.php” not hotornot.php

    1. So is the user submit working now on your set up? Sorry about the trouble we’ll look through our files and fix up any discrepancy in the code.

  12. Hi All – brilliant product, thank you! Now being used at and processing 10,000 “battles” a day. Two questions, if I may: the amount of voting data being stored is pretty big, and growing fast. Is there a point at which the size of the database might impact on the performance of the site?

    Secondly, one way to avoid any such possibility is to download all the voting data so far and then clear it all out (I’m not publishing the results live, so nobody will know I’ll be reassembling it at the end of the contest). Easy enough, by the looks of things, but what’s the difference between “manual vote wipe” and “scrub the data”?

  13. Hi Chris,

    We’re using WordPress Custom Posts, which should make use of all the scaling and caching capabilities that WordPress provides. Technically there are no limits to how big it can get, but I would expect that the bigger it gets, the more load it will put on your servers. At which point it impacts the performance on the site will depend on your hosting arrangement and how much load the servers can take. Sorry for not giving you a straight answer but there are many factors that come into play. I would recommend you monitor performance on your server and keep an eye on the degradation. Hopefully you won’t see any, but if you do you might need to migrate to a bigger box.

    Agree, the clearing out voting data is the way to keep the performance in check. You may choose to do monthly wipes or at the end of a contest etc. The Scrub Data function keeps all the competitors but clears down all the votes, averages and history, effectively zeroing everything. The ‘Manual Vote Wipe’ is intended as part of the retention process (example only keep 7 days of votes). WordPress’s CRON job should take care of this, but on some installations this job doesn’t work, in those cases, the Manual Wipe will run the data truncation routine.

    Hope this helps


  14. I am having a problem with the results from the battle mode. Do they update right away or daily? It seems to only update if I reenter the shortcode of that page.

      1. If I vote on one of the first pair in the showdown, the results section records my vote after that no more results are recorded. If I go to the competitors section on the admin the battles won results are different then the results on the web page using the short code. What would be the reason for this?

        1. The ShowDown battles are one against the other randomly. The results are an aggregate not assigned on a Competitor basis but rather on a global basis.

  15. Hello, I’ve bought showdown recently, where can I change the ‘check’ and ‘cross’ or ‘x’ icons at the bottom of the “Yay/Nay” game? These icons aren’t really congruent with my custom text.

    Thank you!

    1. You can open showdown_engine.php and remove the line:

      $return .= '< span class="wp-hotornot-vote-draw" >< a href="javascript:AssignWinner(-1);" rel="nofollow" >< small >< i class="fa fa-refresh" >< /small > '.$assigndraw.'< /a >< /span >';

      Please note we can’t be responsible if this breaks the plugin. Future updates will overwrite this code.

      1. Rather than editing the plugin’s “core” wouldn’t adding a CSS to _hide_ the skip/draw button work better, especially future proof? Just add this to your style.css file…

        .wp-hotornot-vote-draw { display:none !important; }

  16. Hello,

    I have ShowDown kickboxer installed on my site. Is it possible to have the images always go in order, ideally starting with where the user/visitor left off or ones they haven’t seen before? Or cut out repetition? I’m getting lots of feedback saying an image might appear several times close to each other with only a few new or different images appearing.

    Thanks for your help.

    1. Hi,
      It’s built to be random. We’ll see how it works best if it’s set to show images in order. Generally, the randomness adds to the uniqueness.
      Thanks for your feedback.

  17. Hi,

    I purchased your plugin. I installed, set it up and add competitors.

    I made some votes to test. I invite facebook people to register their pet and vote.

    Each times I come back to the battle page with the results at the bottoms, I see the wins counter came back to “0”.

    This is very ambarrassing for all the people I invite. Can you explain me what did I do wrong?


    1. If you mean for users to submit their own, then yes the User Submit add-on allows users to enter title and image to submit their own Competitors.

  18. Hello,

    Great plugin!
    IS there a way to have the page to reload landing right on top of the new photo?
    Right now, after voting, it reloads and lands on around (on top) of the “You voted: XYZ” div.

    For example, if I click on “HOT”, it accepts my vote and then it reloads the page (to show me another photo) and scrolls down until the “You voted: XYZ” div is on top, I think it is with id=”hotornot” or some sort of anchor.

    IS there a way I can make it refresh and land right on the actual next photo so the user has a better view and does not have to scroll down a little bit to have a better view of the next photo?

    I hope I make sense

    thank you!

      1. Hello,

        I have the paid pro version. It does scroll, but I need it to scroll just a little bit more to land right on top of the next photo. I am attaching screenshots so you can see.

        Right now when you click on a photo, the next photo scrolls to:
        I need it to scroll to: (right on top of the next photo)

        How can I adjust that? Please indicate if there is any file I need to tweak.
        Please help I really need it to complete my project.

        Thank you!

        1. Open up showdown_engine.php and look for:

          $return .= "jQuery('html,body').animate({scrollTop: jQuery('.wp-showdown-announcement').offset().top},'slow');";

          change the .wp-showdown-announcement to .wp-showdown-battleimages

          That’s as close as you can get. I haven’t tested it so you if the plugin breaks just revert back to the original code.

  19. Hello,I just purchased your plugin and installed it .I got the pro version.after install this is the message I get below.Needless to say I had to deativate ite to get my site to work back properly.Can you give me some suggestions how to get this plugin to work.
    Thank You

    Notice: The called constructor method for WP_Widget is deprecated since version 4.3.0! Use
    instead. in /home/groovlin/public_html/ on line 3619

  20. Hi

    I just purchased your plugin and it’s working great.
    Just a quick question I would rather the Recently Voted widget show the average rating like Rating 8.80 rather then points. Is this possible?



  21. I have a Secure Site License for my site and the UNsecure href for Font Awesome is causing problems. I’ve hard-coded the CSS link in my theme but can’t find how to stop the plugin injecting the code below into my wp_head(). Any thoughts?

    This is the code I need to remove, please…

        1. Thanks, but I was asking how to replace the version that came with the plugin, and I prefer not to hack someone’s plugin for future-proofing. I figured out to add this code to my functions.php

          global $wp_showdown;
          if(isset($wp_showdown)) { remove_action(‘wp_head’, array(&$wp_showdown, ‘addHeaderCode’), 1); }

          add_action(‘wp_head’, ‘showdown_addHeaderCode’,10);

        2. And then I added the following lines to my style.css

          @import url(“//”);
          @import url(“//”);

          (No http or https in the URL makes it work for both)

  22. I want to purchase this plugin, but I have two questions.

    1. Is it possible to let them vote only once per. picture?
    2. Can you take away “you voted” and the average of the image, so you only see the next picture after giving their vote?

    1. Hi,

      1. The images are shown at random. So it’s not possible to show a picture only once for voting. We might build such a feature in the future, but as of now we’re working on other features.

      2. The ‘You Voted’ is shown via a separate ‘results’ shortcode. So yes, it need not be there.

      If you would like the first point for yourself you are free to customize the plugin.

        1. You mean the popup that shows a black faded box? That’s part of the transition message, you can disable it via the settings panel of the plugin by leaving the field blank.

          1. No, after you voted, it show the picture you voted on, and you voted, over the next picture to vote for next.

          2. If you want to permanently remove it you will have to edit the code. That is outside of our scope of support though.

            You can remove it via CSS, just put this in your style.css or custom CSS anywhere on your site:

            .wp-hotornot-voted { display: none; }

        2. Hey John, editing the CSS would be the easiest route without hacking the plugin. See what the class or id is for the parts you want to remove and add display:none to your CSS.

  23. Hello, presale question…

    Can I use the $15 UserSubmit add on with the FREE version of ShowDown? Or do I need to purchase at least the kickboxer package, and then also purchase the UserSubmit add on?

    1. It will work with the free version, but it’s not 100% compatible. The admin panel won’t show for instance. Though we might fix this in the next update, but I can’t promise when it will be released.

      So for now, it’ll only work 100% with the pro versions.

  24. hi, I am wanting to have several sets of questions with only TWO images. so Q1 has an either/or answer - image. Nothing else. Q2 has an either/or answer- image. Nothing else.

    Example - coke or pepsi, Burger King or Mcd’s. Obviously 2 and only 2 pictures are required and any more or less will make the choice look silly

    I have uploaded two images and set up a group called Q1. Often only 1 image shows up. How to do this please?

    1. Hi, Sorry haven’t been able to reply to you as my computer broke down.

      The plugin is set up on the basis of Competitors and Groups.

      You can have two Competitors in one Group and they can compete against each other, as you stated you want to do. Are you sure you are using the Battle shortcode? If only one image is showing up you are using the Hot or Not shortcode type. Click the drop down arrow to use the Battle shortcode type.

      Hope that answers your question.

      1. yes - it does. But I am still getting mixed groups competing against each other. To use the example - I am getting coke vs burger king. At the moment, I am keeping it simple with 2 groups - 2 images in each.

        1. Make sure you set the Group via the shortcode generator, only then will it show only those images from that particular group.

  25. Just ran an update on my wordpress and now lost the style on the Hot or Not voting bar. “Hot 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 Not” are in plain text and updating the style in settings changes nothing. Any ideas?

  26. Is it possible to have Showdown app just go straight down my list of competitors instead of “randomly” selecting competitors and displaying them? I am having an issue where we have 30 competitors in our pool and too frequently I am seeing the same ones over and over again.

    1. Hi Matthew: I’m a PHP coder and for $20 I can customize the plugin to do as you wish (go straight down your list of competitors instead of randomly). Of course this will get overwritten when the plugin gets updated, but it’s been awhile since the last update… Email me for details:

  27. Hi there, I just purchased your Showdown Kickboxer Plug in and User Submit Plug in. Each were a folder downloaded. Ive tried to upload the plugin but it keeps saying error,Unable to find End of Central Dir Record signature. what do I upload from the downloaded file? I have already deleted the free version. Help ASAP Cheers J.

  28. Hi - two questions.

    (1) On my yay/nay results page it shows the votes as like 2.7 points instead of 27. How do I change this to show the correct points (IE 27)

    (2) None of the styling colors are showing up when changed the colors

    Thanks Dave

  29. Hi there, I want to remove the link image, link caption and the groups option on the Showdown Usersubmit. If I remove them in the php file they disappear but every time a user submits it comes up with a “page can’t be found.” How do I remove them? any help would be appreciated, I’m very new to wordpress.

  30. We have a contest running using battle mode and have had one of the competitors ballot stuffing the voting, which we can tell from the IP addresses. Is there any way to remove the votes coming from a particular IP address so that this doesn’t foul up the rankings during the contest run?

    1. You can try to activate the setting under ‘Anti-Cheat > Activate secondary nonce:” and see if that helps. There’s no other way at present to limit votes per IP for battles.

  31. I have purchased and supported. I would like to link directly to a hot or not voting page. Meaning, a competitor can share a link so that their friends can vote for them, rather than searching for their specific post.

    1. Hi, sorry there is no such option to do this as all ‘Yay/Nay’ and ‘Battles’ are random. We can take your comment down as a request and see if more people ask for it. If so, we may look to implement it in a future version of ShowDown.

          1. Yes, that is what I want to do, but the link which you say explains just looks like release notes for the 1.8 version. How did you do it?

          2. Use the shortcode generator to use the ‘Tag’ assigned to the Competitor for the contest. For example the shortcode for that was output by the generator as: wphotornot title=”Can Any Boxer Be As Great As Muhammad Ali?” tag=”Muhammad-Ali”

            Here the Competitor was tagged with ‘Muhammad Ali’ and it was used to only call that one specific Competitor in the contest. No other Competitor will be loaded in this instance, unless they share the same Tag.

            Hope that helps.

  32. Hello,
    Love this plug in but I am having a problem where i get the same one picture every time the page loads. I was hoping it could be a little more at random. When I go to the page in Hot or Not mode, I will vote and then the page refreshes only to bring me back to the same content that I already voted on. I have to hit skip to go to the next pic. Is there a way to randomize this function? Is there a way to make it so that one picture shows to only one user per session? So that way the same users don’t see the same images again and again?

    1. You can add more ‘Competitors’ to the same ‘Group’. This will make the pool of competitors to show bigger and reduce the chances of a repeat image.

      1. will give this a shot. Also having an issue where the plugin is causing my layout on my home page to break. Anyway to fix this? I tried deactivating the plugin and then my home page goes back to normal. When its activated the home page overlay does not extend across the entire page. Look for yourself.

  33. I am thinking about buying the user submit add on but I was wondering… I only want to do soundcloud and youtube related links. no pictures. is there a way to customize the requirements field so that images cannot be uploaded? Can i change the caption of the required fields if i need to? And is there a way that a user can see the stats from the links they provided in their account profile or something… if I require them to sign up.

    1. To customize the submit form you will need some customization, though it’s out of the support we offer. Please contact us via our contact form for rates.

      Since there is no ‘account profile’ attached to the user there is no way for them to see how their submitted links/content is doing. This would require major customizations.

    1. Just sent them out. Sorry for the delay, it should be an automatic link sent via e-junkie. Sometimes the mail might get caught in the spam folder.

  34. Hi, I bought the pro version and i want to add around 200 competitors at once (I have a database stored with all the needed information). Is it possible to do it in a fast way?

      1. Ok
        I tired to add some shortcodes, but the shortcode generator doesn’t show up.
        What should I do that it shows up?
        Thank you.

  35. Hi, I installed the kickboxer version on wordpress. Now on header of my site the following code is shown: “unction AssignWinner( winner ) { jQuery(‘input[name=arenawinner]’).val(winner); jQuery(‘#form_arena’).submit(); } ….. Überspringen” />”

    How can I fix it?

  36. New buyer of both the ShowdownPro and USerSubmit plugins. I was quite excited, but then I found out they are not certified as compatible with the latest version of WordPress. Please tell me you will still support these plugins and that you will make them compatible ASAP. Also, what is the best ShowDown (hot or not ) style WP Theme you have found that plays nice with these plugins? How do I make a link on each image so it can link to a shopping cart or affiliate link?

    1. Hi, ShowDown and User Submit are compatible with the latest version of WordPress. Please read our documentation on adding links, feel free to test them out on example ‘Competitors’ so you get a good grasp on how it works.

  37. Hey I have enabled the option allow users to only vote once, but I was wondering if there was a time limit to this? and if not then is there a way that I can make set a time limit so that users can vote vote again after say 24 hours?

  38. Before I buy it :
    Is it possible to get Top list for individual groups and the same time to get a total top list.(stat)
    I think: Example 2 groups 4 photos/competitors in each group. These are the same four images/competitors in both groups.
    Group 1: Bob - Paul - Mark - Richard
    Group2: Bob - Paul - Mark - Richard
    So you can make a top list
    Group 1 : Bob 14 - Mark 11 - Paul 8 - Richard 0
    Group2 Bob 10 - Mark 2 - Paul 5 - Richard 1
    Total both groups: Bob 24 - Mark 13 - Paul 13 - Richard 1

    And is it possible only to vote once and only registred users ?
    Thank You

  39. Hi, Is it possible to get a bit more randomness in the plugin? I have about 30 images to rate and i keep getting a lot of the same ones over and over. Is there a way to make it more random, or to make it so that each image is only seen once per session? I’ll pay for such an upgrade

  40. Enabling Showdown 1.8 on my site disables the whole home page (bar the title). I’m using the Customizr Pro theme on WordPress.

  41. Can you advise a way to override the font styles? I’d like to reduce the size of competitor names. It would be nice if you could add font size to the styling page.

  42. I’ve purchased the plugin and alot of it is really great. Is there a way to make sure that the competitor that is next is not the same the competitor you just voted on? Makes it look/feel buggy

    1. The repetition of Competitors goes down as you have more of them. The randomness is what keeps the whole process a surprise, even though at times it can repeat. We’ve built in the ‘Skip’ button for those times.

      1. so no fix to not immediately repeating a competitor? feels buggy and ruins the experience for the viewer

        1. There is no bug there, the random algorithm picks a Competitor at random. As I said before, if you have more Competitors the chance of any repeat greatly goes down.

          We’ve had the random pretext of showing Competitors in the plugin since we released it almost 4 years back. That’s the only method to show Competitors present in the plugin.

  43. We want to use this tool to help us ‘define’ potential customers who come to our website by showing them several images of houses they vote on and after a few rounds of images we can determine what type of customer they are OR we would wan to have a ‘Fill in your details’ at the end and we can contact you to discuss your results.

    is there anyway to make it work like that?

  44. New purchaser of both the ShowdownPro and USerSubmit modules. I was very energized, however then I discovered they are not affirmed as good with the most recent rendition of WordPress. It would be ideal if you reveal to me you will at present help these modules and that you will make them good ASAP. Additionally, what is the best ShowDown (hot or not ) style WP Theme you have discovered that gets along with these modules? How would I make a connection on each picture so it can connection to a shopping basket or subsidiary connection?

  45. I just purchased ShowDown because I wanted to add it to my buddypress Plugin.
    Now I saw that I have to upload all Competitors by myself.
    I wanted that my members can add their pictures by themselves.
    Is there a way to combine this plugin with buddypress?
    Example: a user can decide to use a certain uploaded media for the competition?

  46. I tried hot or not and I tried the battle.
    On the first voting of every contest I get an error-code:

    Warning: A non-numeric value encountered in /customers/9/3/4/ on line 817 Warning: A non-numeric value encountered in /customers/9/3/4/ on line 822

  47. Hi there,

    Every competitor gets a profile.
    The permalink structure looks like this:

    But: since I am using buddypress and the username is always the same for buddypress and for showdown, I wanted to redirect the link to the buddypress Profile page (instead of the showdown-page).

    How can I do that in the best way?
    Can I change the permalink structure?

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