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We’ve always known that our little plugin here could help launch websites and give a positive experience to users. Ryan Cunningham recently wrote to us with a great story of how they used the ShowDown plugin to jump start their website.

Below is his own account on how he fully utilized the plugins capability:

We recently launched, a Fantasy Movie League (think Fantasy Football meets Hollywood) back on Sunday, July 8th. So our site is literally 1 month old.

To generate some interest in our launch…I decided to include Showdown battles as a featured part of our website. The first week we conducted a battle for the “Best Movie Portrayal of Mars”.

The next battle we did the following week was “Best Computer Animated Movie” which was shared to Facebook and Twitter and generated 655 page views and was a great success.

The third battle is where we got smart, we created a “Sexiest Male Character in a Movie” and loaded it with a bunch of contestants. We then sent this link out to a couple of mom bloggers. In roughly 1 day we generated over 2500 page views on just that one battle (on a three week old site with no links or advertising!).

Our latest battle, “Best Movie Remake” has generated over 800 page views and has been doing great. Combine this with the page views for the results pages and how much activity we have generated on Facebook and I would say that Showdown has given our website a jump start that is more than we ever hoped for.

In our first month since launch we have generated 1500 visitors with just over 10,000 page views with a big thanks to Showdown.

Thanks again for this great plugin!

- Ryan

So there you have it, inconclusive proof that ShowDown is a good investment to make, whether you are just starting off your website or looking to make it even more popular!

If you have a case study like that feel free to email us using the contact form.

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