ShowDown v2.0

We are pleased to announce that ShowDown v2.0 is now available for purchase. The biggest update is the ability for the plugin to now support your entire range of Products from your WooCommerce catalog!

WooCommerce + ShowDown

Since WooCommerce powers a good chunk of eCommerce businesses, and since WordPress powers a good chunk of websites for those businesses, we thought it only prudent to make the eCommerce space a bit exciting.

Step in ShowDown to do just that!

With ShowDown you can now, with a simple switch, allow the plugin to tap into your Product catalog and allow you to set up Battles and Yay/Nay contests with them. The selection works in the same way as it did with the custom Competitors you had to enter before. Simply select them via the Product “Tag” or “Category” and embed the shortcode into any Page/Post.

Once you’ve done that it will automatically pick up the entries from your catalog and display them for either the Battle or Yay/Nay contests.

Increase User Interaction and Sales

We hope this drives your users to stay longer on your site and see which products are more favored by your visitors. Possibly even leading to an increase in sales?!

We can’t wait to see which WooCommerce sites implement it. Do let us know if you do use it, we’d be happy to showcase it.


ShowDown v2.0 can be bought here.

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