ShowDown v1.5.1 Now Available

This release addresses some bugs and fixes. Here’s what’s been updated:

  • Fix for post integration to support new TinyMCE in WordPress v3.9
  • Tweak voting so that IP blocks don’t count as votes
  • Adjusted error on vote retention feature, which was causing votes to not clear on the time set

Grab the latest copy of the plugin from your Weborithm Products member area if you are a member.

One thought on “ShowDown v1.5.1 Now Available

  1. I bought v1.5 and left a comment on your support page asking for help about the IP blocks counting as votes. After a month I’d received no response so I emailed support. ANOTHER month after that and I still haven’t received a response to either the email or the original post.

    Please contact me and help me resolve this. It’s not a good look to keep your customers waiting for months.

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