• How many images can I upload to compete against each other?

As many as you like! The plugin creates a Custom Post Type called “Competitors” which uses the same Write Panel as your regular Posts/Pages. All you have to do is enter any content you like and upload an image. Once an image has uploaded click “Use as featured image” to set it as the default image for the Competitor. You can change this image anytime you like by uploading a new one.

As a general rule of thumb, the more image you upload the better!

  • Can I show the content instead of images?

Yes, you can! Just enter your content as you normally would. Then when you go to enter the shortcode in your regular Post/Page use the shortcode generator to specify No to images and Yes to description. It is advisable to keep your content short as the plugin will show it all. Content can show up in the Battle or Hot or Not mode.

Tip: You can also embed video clips. It is not possible to click on the videos to vote, your visitor can click on the title link to vote.

  • How do I categorize my images?

When you activate the plugin you will see a menu item called “Groups”. Groups are essentially Categories and work in the same way. You can create as many Groups as you like, you can even create sub-Groups for main Groups.

  • Does the plugin work with any WordPress theme?

In theory, yes.

We’ve used all the best coding practices while developing this plugin however due to the nature of WordPress and the literally millions of test environments one can make with server settings, installation settings, plugin/theme combinations it’s impossible for us to test against every scenario. So if you find something that breaks do let us know, we’ll make sure to fix it to the best of our abilities.

  • Can I translate the plugin into my language?

Yes, we’ve made the plugin completely ready for translation.

  • How many domains can I use the plugin on?

We have licenses to match a single domain use, 3 domain use or unlimited domain use. Please check our pricing page for more information.

  • Do I get updates with my purchase?

Yes, we’ll send you updates as and when we have them ready if you have bought the Samurai or Ninja package. The KickBoxer package does not come with any updates.

  • I need support, where can I ask for help?

Please ask on our support page.

  • Is there a documentation included with the plugin?

Yes, we’ve included a quick help guide. You can also read the documentation on our site to get a better understanding of how the plugin works.

  • Who processes your payments?

ShowDown Plugin is a product of Weborithm, you will be redirected to set up an account on Weborithm to pay for and download the plugin.