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ShowDown v2.0

We are pleased to announce that ShowDown v2.0 is now available for purchase. The biggest update is the ability for the plugin to now support your entire range of Products from your WooCommerce catalog! WooCommerce + ShowDown Since WooCommerce powers a good chunk of eCommerce businesses, and since WordPress powers a good chunk of websites …read more

ShowDown v1.8

ShowDown version 1.8 has been out for a few months now and if you haven’t checked out our demo yet here’s what’s new. v1.8 Features Fixed SSL loading, now it works with https:// too New Feature: Added Tags New Feature: Tags vs Tags, Tags Vs Groups, Groups vs Groups We’re excited about our new features. …read more

Summer Sale, Get ShowDown Today!

Summer’s here and since temperatures are going up we’re going down, with our price for the Instant Download of Showdown. Now you can hold exciting rating contests and battles on your website or blog for only $19. Hurry because as soon as temperatures come down, our price will go back up! Buy ShowDown Here - …read more

  • 28th Jun, 2016

Showcase Site:

ShowDown has been used by a lot of bloggers and websites over the years. Even some real big sites, which we can’t disclose for privacy reasons. So we thought it would be nice to build one for ourselves. Introducing SportDuels SportDuels is a site we built using the ShowDown plugin which will hold a lot …read more

New Look For The ShowDown Website

Just in case you thought we’re not around anymore…we still are! I’d like to welcome to our new look website for ShowDown! It’s responsive, it’s fast and it’s just what we need to showcase our product to you. In case you’re wondering, the theme is powered by Market Boost a WordPress business theme we made, …read more

  • 24th Mar, 2016
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ShowDown v1.6 Now Available

We’re back with another great update to ShowDown! v1.6 packs a nice set of features with it. Here’s the breakdown: New responsive contest layouts, so you don’t lose mobile user interaction New “Last Voted” widget, shows the last Competitor that was voted on by visitors, and yourself, on the site You can now specify a …read more

  • 12th Apr, 2015
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v1.5.5 Now Available + Insane Sale!

ShowDown WordPress Plugin

We’ve released v1.5.5. Here is what was updated in this version: Added an ‘about’ field for Yay/Nay contests. The content is displayed after the vote has been placed. Fixed sidebar widget bug which did not show the winners filtered by category properly. Also, if you were waiting to upgrade to ShowDown from the free version …read more

ShowDown v1.5.3 Now Available

The latest version of ShowDown is now here for you to enjoy! What’s new in this version? v1.5.3 Features Arrest Vote Inflation: We added some extra custom nonce (security) to stop refreshes being counted as extra votes in ShowDown. So now your users cannot just hit refresh over and over again and make their favourite …read more

ShowDown v1.5.1 Now Available

This release addresses some bugs and fixes. Here’s what’s been updated: Fix for post integration to support new TinyMCE in WordPress v3.9 Tweak voting so that IP blocks don’t count as votes Adjusted error on vote retention feature, which was causing votes to not clear on the time set Grab the latest copy of the …read more

  • 29th Apr, 2014
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ShowDown and WordPress 3.9

If some of you may have updated to the latest version on WordPress, i.e v3.9, you will notice that the “Lightning Icon” is not showing anymore. This is due to the fact that WordPress has updated the TinyMCE plugin they use to power the panel where you write your Posts and Pages. We’re working on …read more

  • 21st Apr, 2014
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