Ever wanted to conduct “Battles” between images & content on your site? How about conducting a “Hot or Not” contest, or make a whole site around the concept? You can do that now with the ShowDown Plugin!

ShowDown Plugin

The WordPress plugin enables you to use it together with any theme to upload images and battle them against each other. Your visitors vote on who wins, keeping them engaged with your content. A great way to gain more subscribers and let them have fun on your site!

Did we mention the Make Money part?

The plugin also allows you to link out your images, so you can choose to link them out to products or services with your affiliate link. Whenever someone clicks that link and buys your referred product or service you get a commission!*

Affiliate marketing is a multi-billion dollar industry, get a slice of the pie with ShowDown Plugin. The angle of fun and competition in this plugin gives your visitor a unique experience which could lead to many opportunities at monetizing your site!

Fun & Addictive

With the dedicated custom post type used to store your content used in the plugin you can add as much content as you like. The more you add, the longer your visitor will stay on your site and become a repeat visitor. Take it a step further and invite them to share it with their friends, that’s exactly what Mark Zuckerberg (found of Facebook) did with Facemash.com. We all know how well he’s doing now!

Get started download ShowDown Plugin today!

*Please check details with your affiliate program. No guarantee is given, or implied, on earning an income by using the ShowDown Plugin.