ShowDown v1.3

We’re happy to announce that v1.3 of the ShowDown plugin is now available!

For our customers on Codecanyon and Mojo-Themes you can download it in a day or two, as soon as the review process is over. For customers who bought it via Weborithm Products, you can download it immediately.

New Features

Here’s a list of the feature upgrades in this release:

  • Set up “Battles” and “Hot or Not” contests simultaneously.
  • Restrict repeat voting on Hot or Not contests.
  • Ability to reset stats for Competitors.
  • Display Group name on Battles and Hot or Not contests.
  • Top 10 for Hot or Not contests, previously only available for Battles.
  • User initiated results sharing on Twitter and Facebook.
  • Custom widget available under Appearance > Widgets area.
  • Change color of Hot or Not contest voting buttons.

Thanks to all of our users for providing valuable feedback to help us make the plugin better. Enjoy the new features!

8 thoughts on “ShowDown v1.3

  1. I agree with Fabrice. It would make this plugin complete if users could submit a competitor, or a hot or not type photo from the front end, similar to how does it.

  2. I cannot choose between HotorNOt and Battle mood in version 1.3. The pulldown menu which was avaialble to choose between HotorNot and Battle mood is not there any more. Upto 10 photos show up at the page with no HotorNot rating type for HotorNot like it used to be in v1.2.

    Also, there should be an option for users to upload their own pitcures for HotorNot or Battle.

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