ShowDown v1.4, Now Available for Download

ShowDown WordPress Plugin

We’re happy to announce the release of ShowDown v1.4. Here’s whats changed with this update:

New Features

  1. Disable clicks on vote: We’ve added a feature in where you can specify a “Transition Message” to show right after a vote has been placed. While the vote is being tallied, and the next contest load, your visitor will not be able to click on any element on the page. You can customize the “message” shown via the settings tab.
  2. Hide IP address: You can now hide the IP address of the last voter on your contest.
  3. Hide Group name: You can now hide the Group name on your Hot or Not contest and Battles.
  4. Style Battles Next Button: Style the “I cannot decide” button on your Battles via the styling tab in the plugin.

Bug Fix

  1. The text field for the Hot or Not “Next” text did not update when edited separately. It does now.

Don’t forget the new add on we released for ShowDown, User Submit.

It allows your visitors to upload their own competitors and costs only $15! A worthy addition to use with the plugin and increase user attachment to your site and your contests.

Check out User Submit add on.

2 thoughts on “ShowDown v1.4, Now Available for Download

  1. Recently installed Showdown. I like it except for two issues (so far):

    a) It makes loading my blog much slower. It adds at least 8 seconds (using pingdom). I had to remove it while I figure out how to fix that.

    b) The Winner message is confusing because it relates to the previous match. So you see (e.g.) Winner “Jack” when the photos showing at that moment are “Jane” and “Mary”. I would like to leave it out but even with an empty text field the generic message still appears

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